• Flat or pitched. Industrial, commercial or domestic. New or historic. In good condition or in need of remedial work. Whatever your roof type, age, condition, material or height – wherever whatever the access, we can inspect, clear, clean and, renew it. Guttering, downpipes and drains too.
  • Our unique roof cleaning process completely removes moss, lichen, algae, fungi and other pollutants from tiles, slates, bitumen, and glass, enhancing the appearance of the roof and adding value to your property. And our special roof sealant is guaranteed to keep it that way.
  • We can clean including warehouses, industrial units, DIY ‘sheds’, shopping centers, offices, showrooms, schools, university buildings, science parks and factories – plus residential homes, churches, mosques, and hospitals.
  • Mosses and other living organisms love roofs, especially those shaded by trees. Over time, they find their way under the laps to dislodge tiles and slates, allow rainwater to penetrate, damage the under-felt, create leaks and excrete acids that bleach a roof’s color.
  • We can have your roof looking like new again. We use a pressure cleaning system powered through specially designed spray heads that jet water at critical angles to attack and then remove dirt, moss, lichen, algae, fungi, and grime – without damaging the roof.
  • Then we apply two coats of our special sealant, which dries to an extremely tough, durable and waterproof sealer to keep out the weather and stop moss and other pollutants taking hold again.
  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, access platforms or rope technology.
  • Safety – our personnel is only allowed to work on jobs for which they are fully trained and qualified, including rope access.
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