Quickshine has established in 2012 developing the strategy, building the infrastructure and assembling the staff necessary to offer our customers the strongest system in the Facility Management industry. We offer a proven and tested way of doing business. We believe our efforts make us an effective and efficient women's entrepreneur! Basically, we are the focusing on doing the work taking literate & illiterate women's to serve a better future for our society.

Quickshine is a recognized industry leader in Housekeeping, Garden Maintain, Car Spa & many others services in Bangalore. Because we use a “Very Professional & Trained Staff" for those services.

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Our Approach

The Complete Difference is what helps us stand out from the other 'ordinary' cleaning companies.
Our professionalism and knowledge sets us apart from the rest and has its foundation in "The Three Ps' of the Complete Difference:
1. People
2. Processes
3. Product

Core Value & Comitment


Core Value in Quickshine
Core Value in Quickshine


  • Our People
  • We believe that our people are our greatest asset, our selection, training, development, and retention policy ensures we only select candidates with the skills, mentality and work ethic to fully deliver our service commitments enabling us to offer a long-term secure career with real development opportunities.
  • Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • By working in partnership with our customer management teams, we are able to offer a unique service solution, tailored around the specification, customer core objectives and individual expectations by fully understanding what is important to our customers business, we deliver an operational platform designed to evidence and demonstrate quality service delivery.
  • Training & Development
  • With the right trained and motivated people, our management teams have the ability to design and deliver unique cleaning service solutions, using the latest quality assessment platforms, tailored to suit the individual needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Innovation
  • By utilizing environmentally efficient products, having the technical ability and industry knowledge to deliver bespoke delivery methods we are able to offer an exceptional service, enhanced quality, increased productivity and value for money.


  • QUICKSHINE is a family run business embracing traditional values that offers and provides pioneering service delivery.
  • Tried and tested by many an institution, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailor-made solution whilst adapting to the ever-changing demands of the industry. True to say, some impressive longevity with customers is the testament to the fact that we deliver. Our current retention rate stands at an enviable 96%.
  • Our continuous improvement ethos, driven by an evolutionary strategy provides evidence of our forward thinking and service sustainability.


To consistently deliver eco-friendly world-class finishes in our Work, execute & complete all projects in such a way to create an ambiance that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their lifestyle in harmony with nature.


  • To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.
  • To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in our work.
  • To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world-class services.

Our Mission Statement

  • At Complete Commercial Cleaning, we are committed to providing our customers with a consistent, quality service.
  • We continue to strive to improve our services through our customer input, our employee training & certification programmer's, and through open and honest communication.
  • We will address all problems large or small. With this commitment, we seek to maintain and develop our relationship without customers.

Meet the Team


Ayisha Firdose

Founder & CEO

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